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Overview of IAC

Industrial Age Contractors is a service oriented company providing Industrial Construction, Plant Maintenance, Millwright, Process Piping, Conveyor System, Auger Installation, Custom Fabrication, Compressor System, and Floor Coating services. We are available to consult with you on any needs you may have in your plant environment, from upgrading your existing plant, relocating to and adapting an existing facility, or planning and constructing an entirely new facility.

Industrial Age offers services to help with any and all phases, including plant layout for equipment placement/flow, and equipment design/specification best suited to your needs. We work with specialized disciplines including Architects, Professional Engineers, Design Engineers, and Design Consultants providing a complete line of services you, the Customer, may require while providing cost savings with our input and field service.

IAC News

Pictured is one of the most innovative products recently developed for the production environment. We have chosen to call it the “Free Flowing Accumulation Conveying System”. Using roller bearings on the chain allows the entire assembly line to move constantly in a smooth motion. This allows individual production items to stop at work stations along the way for the installation of parts or inspection. Since it allows the parts to stop and start in a very smooth manner, it provides safety for the employee from overturning of top heavy items and protection from damage for the product. Another safety factor is the ability for employee to stop the product while line is moving, or move the product along the line if the power is off. The system design pictured uses air actuated stops that “pop up” to stop the product at the desired work station. Safety switches with stops located ahead of the work area prevent the products from colliding with each other or getting into the work space. This installation consists of 1200′ of this revolutionary new style of conveyor system fabricated and installed by Industrial Age Contractors, Inc. Turn transfers allow the product to be repositioned 90 degrees in several locations. Chain transfers allow product to be moved from the main line and placed in queuing areas for inspections or repairs. Turntables are also utilized to place the product in the correct position to perform the desired task. Other assembly line conveyors feed parts to the installation areas. Vacuum pick “manipulators” are utilized to install delicate, hard to handle, bulky, or sharp edged pieces safely and effectively. This is one of the many areas we were able to assist The Vendo Company making their new Texas facility “Production Ready”.

If you would like more information or a site tour and demonstration of this new design and installation, please feel free to contact us.

Manufacturing and Industrial

With all the emphasis on the capabilities of a new manufacturing facility, and with all the detailed planning of how it will function, it almost would be easier to take the structure housing it for granted. Not if we’re building it! Hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of dollars in custom equipment and the safety of a company’s valuable experienced work force demands a safe, protective, dependable and fully functional structure. And that requires a reliable, proven and highly skilled construction contractor. Site preparation, drainage, concrete foundations, heavy-duty equipment and people access are just some of the factors that must work together to build a structure that creates an environment for efficient manufacturing.

Working together, we have helped numerous companies to be successful in the construction and maintenance of their civil, mechanical and building projects. When our clients are successful, we are successful. Our experience includes conveyor systems, fall protection systems, utilities, millwrighting, pipe racks and interconnects, floor coatings, air systems, heavy rigging, machine moving and much more. From grassroots construction to revamp or expansion of existing facilities, our team of professionals can provide you a turnkey solution.