No matter where you are in terms of plant maintenance or plant operations, we can work with you on the process. If you are just starting plant operations, we can help.  If you are trying to improve an existing material flow system, we have the ability to assist you.  When you’re looking to make your plant more reliable, more efficient, faster and safer, IAC offers products and services to help you get there.



The variety of products a company needs continues to expand and is limited only by the imagination of our customers.  IAC enjoys the challenge of taking a fabrication concept from the design stage to the production floor.  We will work with you to build your equipment in the most efficient manner possible while maintaining quality and consistency.  We at IAC are committed to the success of our customers.



IAC has worked in many environments and with our experience, we have been able to provide concept ideas and work with our customers to provide a product aiding in the ease and speed of manufacturing and production, whether it is machinery, fabrication, maintenance, relocation, millwright, piping, conveying or other need.