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Plant Maintenance

Plant Maintenance

Maintenance is not a cost. It is a profit center. By making sure the equipment is functioning properly, we can prevent downtime and increase your facility’s efficiency. We can help you anticipate and avoid problems that might interfere with your facility’s operations.
No matter where you are in terms of the life of your physical facility, we offer ways to improve your operations and give you more control. If you are just starting operations, we can help. If you are trying to improve an existing material flow system, we have the ability to assist you. If you’re looking to make your system more reliable, more efficient, faster, safer and better, IAC offers products and services to help you get there.

We offer:

These products and services are set to help companies who are just starting to build new facilities or those with older facilities wishing to make improvements and do more with the same space and personnel.

IAC provides total and supplemental maintenance and plant services with particular expertise in the areas of general mechanical, conveyance and plant processes. We can provide services for long-term and short-term work including turnarounds or commissioning and start-up projects. We also perform planning and scheduling, warehousing and material handling, and maintenance audits and systems implementation.

For today’s emergency or tomorrow’s problem that’s waiting to happen let IAC take care of the industrial maintenance for you. A number of companies depend on us through out the year to make sure their company continues to operate efficiently. Whether it is just one piece of equipment or an entire plant, IAC is the resource to call. We will bring a level of thoroughness and care that adds to our reputation as a leading company in our industry.