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Process Piping


Piping is used to convey materials (anything that can flow: liquids, gases, and/or solids — powders, granules, pellets) from one location to another. Industrial process piping (and accompanying in-line components) can be manufactured from wood, glass, steel, aluminum, plastic and concrete. The in-line components typically sense and control pressure, flow rate and temperature of the transmitted product, and usually are included when discussing the concept of piping design.

Piping has innumerable industrial applications, which are crucial for moving raw and semi-processed materials for refining into more useful products. Materials of construction range from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, various other steel alloys, as well as some exotic materials. Typical process piping sizes range from 1/2″ to 30″ in diameter. The engineering discipline of piping design is that which gets the material to where you need it, whether it is liquids, gases, powders, granular products, or any other material you can think of.

Our pipefitting staff works primarily on process piping and control systems. Working with carbon steel, stainless steel and other types of piping, we repair, retrofit, connect, or install new systems from design drawings.

System Includes:

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Common shapes and forms include: