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Specialty and Equipment Fabrication


IAC enjoys the challenge of taking a concept from the design stage to the production floor. We will work with you to build your product in the most efficient manner possible while maintaining safety, quality and consistency. Industrial Age Contractors is committed to the success of our customers.

IAC has worked in many environments, and has seen the need for both products and special tools/handling to assist in manufacturing. With our experience, we have been able to provide concept ideas and work with our customers to provide a product aiding in the ease and speed of production and manufacturing.

The variety of products we are able to provide continues to expand and is limited only by the imagination of our customers. We hope you will feel free to contact us regarding your needs and allow us to work with you to enhance your plant output.

Custom attachments for manipulators for handling difficult parts (heavy, delicate, sharp, bulky); specialty conveying attachments to install parts, separate items, etc.; custom tools and tooling to allow your production line to function smoothly and more efficiently; equipment or tooling to allow the manufacture of products — the list is endless. Together we can assess your need, discuss potential solutions, and begin to devise ways to solve your problem or enhance your operation. Safety, ergonomics, increased capacity, and quality are all considerations in designing custom equipment.