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Conveyor and Auger Systems


Conveyor systems provide fluid, versatile solutions for materials movement operations in distribution and manufacturing. The variety of products a conveyor system transports ranges from bolts to pallets — everything for distribution and manufacturing systems. we specialize in conveying boxes, packages, pallets, bags, and many other items found in today’s distribution and manufacturing environments.

Today’s business environment demands that you fully control your facilities — the operations, the material flow, the way people work and the information. Material handling unifies everything and allows you to have better control over nearly every factor.

See below for some of the conveyor solutions that we use and work with.

Power Roller Conveyors

Power roller conveyor uses powered rollers to convey the product. The rollers are powered by a belt, O-rings, or chains depending on the capacity required. Powered Roller Conveyors are the basic transportation conveyor to move products between locations.

Accumulation Conveyor / Accumulating Conveyors

Accumulating conveyors hold product until a specified condition is met, and then the product is released. They provide a way to hold product on the conveyor until given a signal to release the product. Typical applications include feeding product to a machine such as a case sealer at a specified rate, or to hold all items to be shipped on a given truck until that truck is ready to be loaded.

Horizontal Belt Conveyors

Used to transport product by means of a moving belt. Available in slider bed and roller bed configurations. A variety of belts may be used to accommodate the product conveyed and the environmental conditions. Horizontal Belt is another of the basic types of transportation conveyor. They are ideally used to convey items with irregular bottom surfaces, small items that would fall in between rollers, or bags of product that would sag between rollers.

Incline Conveyors

Inclined belt Conveyor is designed to move product between two different elevations. They are excellent to convey between a mezzanine and floor level, docks, overhead conveyor to floor applications, and other areas where a items must be conveyed at an angle.

Sortation Conveyors

Sortation Conveyors provide a means of diverting a product from one conveyor line to another. By using controls and multiple Sortation Conveyors, product can be sorted by diverting the product only to the appropriate conveyor.

Gravity Conveyors

The Gravity conveyor provides an economical means of transporting product where the conveyor does not need to be powered. Gravity conveyor is often used in picking or assembly operations where the product or tote is pushed to the next location as required.

Portable Conveyors

Portable conveyors are utilized in a number of industries to provide flexibility in loading, unloading, or change-of-level applications.

Flexible Conveyors

Flexible conveyors are designed for versatility. They are exceptional for truck loading and unloading, retail stores, shipping areas, loading docks and plant floors. You can create temporary conveyor solutions in places like loading docks and shipping areas by utilizing flexible conveyors. They are portable, expandable and easy to use. Just extend and curve the conveyor to meet your needs.

Verticle Reciprocating Conveyors

A PFlow Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) moves materials–in factories, warehouses, industrial plants, institutions–anywhere that products or supplies need to move from one level to another. VRCs are not elevators. In fact, they have their own national code and are specifically exempt from the national elevator code. VRCs provide fast, efficient, convenient and safe access to or from mezzanines, balconies, basements, and between levels in multiple story buildings. They can be installed for through-floor, interior or exterior applications. The principle components of a VRC include guide columns, carriage and a mechanical or hydraulic actuating mechanism.

Gravity Flow Racks

A Gravity Flow Rack system accommodates everything from the fastest-moving items to slow movers to odd-shaped merchandise. You can store the same amount of merchandise in half the space required by static shelving or racks, and have first-in, first-out carton or tote access.

Auger Installation

Auger Conveyors come in many styles these days. From the conventional screw inside a tube forcing the material to travel along the spiral in the direction of the screw rotation, you also have open top, drop bottom (for ease of cleaning), and flexible augers. Augers can be a permanent installation or can be used in “portable” applications

Augers can be used to “meter” the amount of material introduced in a process by controlling speed, outlet diameter, and length of time material is dispensed. Conveying agricultural products such as wheat, corn, etc. in a milling process, unloading rail cars of coal and like products, conveying items to heights or horizontally, augers can move the material.
Whatever your unusual need, we can work with you to design and install the right kind of system to move the material for your process to the location you need it at.

Conveyor questions can be answered by contacting Industrial Age Contractors or by submitting a conveyor specification request. We also offer expert assistance on your project either by e-mail or telephone.