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Compressor and Piping Systems

Clean, dry, consistent air is often the heart of a production facility. It can also be an unnecessary high operating cost if the system is not designed or installed properly. Understanding the cost savings of a Compressed Air System can lead to lower operating costs, reduced compressor maintenance costs, and reduced maintenance and costs on production equipment.

Often plant air systems are thought of as “just an air supply”, without realizing the operating costs incurred in keeping the air supply available. The ability to reduce the horse power of compressors, reduce the hours a compressor is running, or on larger volume systems reducing the number of compressors running can produce dramatic cost savings. Depending on the system, annual operating costs can run $80,000 and more. Our goal is to provide systems which operate at maximum efficiency.
The design of the system should include all factors: unit size and type, material of construction, design (loop, feeders, drops), etc. IAC is able to work with you and our resources to provide answers and estimates of cost savings.